Copperbond Roundconductor

Atec copperbond round conductors use the most advanced continuous electroplating manufacturing, 99.9% pure copper ions fast deposit on the iron substrate, which made good malleability and excellent bonding force. The copper conductor can be used to replace the copperbond stranded conductor for the earthing, as well as used as the down conductor. The diameter varies from 8mm to 20mm, and the standard copper coating is 0.254mm. Greater copper thickness are also available. They are provided in coil.

The normal sizes are as below, custom-made is also available:

Unit weight
Coil length
Part Number
8 0.4 100m C08
10 0.63 100m C10
12 0.9 100m C12
14 1.22 100m C14
16 1.59 100m C16
18 2.01 100m C18
20 2.47 100m C20